ARS Infusion Centers

Articularis Rheumatology Specialists member practices provide patients access to state-of-the-art infusion centers staffed by registered nurses experienced in administering infusion therapies to patients with care and compassion. AHG infusion centers offer the latest advancements in infusion therapy and comprehensive education about the biologic medications prescribed, ensuring patients are well-informed at every stage of treatment.

Select AHG infusion centers are open to patients from referring specialties.


Infusion Frequently Asked Questions

What is infusion therapy, or IV infusion?
What conditions are treated with infusion therapy?
How long will it take to be scheduled?
What should I do before my appointment?
What is a ‘loading dose’?
What if my insurance company does not provide coverage for my treatment?
Is infusion the same as chemotherapy?
How long does an infusion take?
Will I be able to use the restroom while being infused?
How often do I get infused?
Will it hurt?
How big is the needle?
Can I drive after receiving infusion?
Can I receive infusion if I am, or am planning on becoming pregnant?
Are there any side effects to infusion therapy?
Can I use Low Country Rheumatology’s oxygen tank while receiving infusion?
Where will my infusion take place?

Infusion Referrals